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[ Jewelry Glasses Air ]

 I am a Japanese creator in SL, and I create some glasses.
I learned glasses production technology in Kirin Glasses Class of Japan.
I made use of the technique of micro prims, and made detailed glasses.
“Air” glasses (old products) are micro prims-based products. These glasses are meticulously crafted, and are produced to exude beauty and elegance. I personally think of my creations as “Jewelry Glasses.”

 I hope to make a museum piece like the glasses at all times. This is because, in reality it should not be wearing the museum's collection is difficult in the virtual world is because anyone can. People wearing glasses, and I feel I should Crelle very happy it's bliss.

In recent years, mesh product also has introduced gradually.

When you want to regard a contact as us, you should send Notecard please.

Author Alan Kish